J.D., like many kids in the early 60's, was fascinated with ventriloquism.
His Grandfather got him his first Danny O'Day vent doll at Disney Land.
J.D. quickly started doing shows at school and church functions, but by
the age of 13 he no longer thought it was cool to do shows with a doll,
and retired his little plastic headed friend.
Three decades later he saw a documentary called Dummy's with Carla
Rhodes, which sparked his interest again. One week later, (as fate would
have it) he was window shopping and came across a 32 inch Maher
studios figure called Bart.
Well, that was it!  He went in and bought the little guy and it all started
again. One year later he got himself a Selberg figure - The Old Coot -
which he named Earl after his Grandfather. Not only have plastic headed
dolls become "cool" again, he also started collecting vent memorabilia.
J.D. and Earl have done open
mic's at the Comedy Works in Denver and the Red Fish Restaurant in
Boulder, honing his vent skills.  J.D. has been featured in THE NEWSY
VENTS ventriloquist news letter.